It’s that time of year again – FESTIVAL SEASON! People from all over the country are gearing up to head out to Coachella in Indio, CA (over 100,000 people to be exact). After doing some research from previous festival goers along with the official Coachella guidelines, I decided to do a Coachella essentials list for those of you headed to Week 2! These tips can be used for any music festival though, so read along 🙂 An empty non-metal water bottle. Apparently metal water bottles are not allowed in festivals, but who wants to be forced to buy dozens of … Continue reading FESTIVAL ESSENTIALS


As I’m beginning to approach my mid-twenties, I thought I’d create a spread of how I want my life to look (obviously just a reference comparison). TRAVEL. I definitely want to travel in my youth, especially now that I got my Canon T5i  and I can capture high quality photos and videos of my travels. Places I’d like to go: France, Rome, London, Barcelona, Bali, Bora Bora ..to name a few 🙂 MINIMALISM. I have been trying to slowly convert to more of a minimalistic lifestyle. I don’t necessarily want to become a full on MINIMALIST, but I’d like to … Continue reading #ADULTGOALS

Current Favorites-5

Store: Trader Joes Why didn’t anyone tell me I was absolutely SLEEP on TJ? I mean I’ve shopped here before but I never knew that they were so amazing. Did you know that you can try anything in the store if you ask? You can also bring anything back that you don’t like, no questions asked! The employees here are some of the nicest grocery store employees I’ve ever encountered. If you have a TJ near you, definitely check it out! Website: http://www.rouje.com/e-shop.html I was recently browsing WhoWhatWear and came across this website from a French street style trend setter’s … Continue reading Current Favorites-5

Clueless STYLE: Cher

So as you may have guessed, Clueless is one of my all-time FAVORITE movies ever; [I literally bought 2 DVDs and left them sealed because I’m that obsessed]. From the quintessential 90s teen style, the fact that Alicia Silverstone was EVERYTHING goals, as well as the movie being ahead of its time in terms of technology… can it get any better than that? Cher was unique in that she dressed in the classic 90s style with trends like plaid, argyle and layering but in a more sophisticated and European way with her matching sets and beret hats. As she has … Continue reading Clueless STYLE: Cher

Canon T5i Review

I have always been a fan of photography because I feel that there is something so special about catching moments on in real-time. The only time I actually had real experience with a professional camera was in my high school photography class. We got to do shoots, projects, and develop our own film in darkrooms, it was AWESOME. I decided that I wanted to invest in a Canon T5i because I missed taking professional photos & this was the one that most YouTubers use, but to my surprise my mother actually gifted me it for Christmas (THANK YOU MOM 🙂 … Continue reading Canon T5i Review

Youtube? HAULlelujah

So for Christmas I knew I would be getting a Canon T5i camera. I have been wanting to get more into photography and video, so I did my research and this camera seemed to have everything I needed. (I’ll do a full review on the camera at a later date) I have also been wanting to start a YouTube channel.. mainly to kind of see myself grow throughout the years. (It’s like a video diary basically) Here is my first video — A VS (semi-annual sale), Vera Bradley & Thrift store haul! Hope you enjoy and feel free to send feedback. Continue reading Youtube? HAULlelujah


So I often scroll Netflix for new health documentaries to watch and I came across one entitled Food Choices. This is a controversial documentary because it challenges a lot of what I have learned in school [I currently have a B.S. in Health and Exercise Science] and also much of the information that I have found in my own personal research. Here are some of the topics that I had to do my own research on: #1: Protein can put you at risk for heart and kidney problems. This is actually ..true. We all know that too much of virtually anything … Continue reading WATCH LIST: FOOD CHOICES